No Reference Project

Started a new project named the ‘No Reference Project’. This project is meant for me to draw something from memory. Since I’m not a star at this, I think I can change this and start focussing on actually draw things from memory;) After I draw it from memory, I can draw one from a reference too. Just to see how far I was from my No Reference-drawing.

Really happy to do this, even though it sucks to draw something that you really suck at, the positive thing is I can draw it with a reference after that. And get better at it next time! How smart is that!?

My first one is A Rose. Well, since I’m far from an original rose, you can see that all the leaves are pictured differently in my head than in real life. That’s good to know. I still think a rose is difficult to draw, even while I’m looking at it. But hey, it’s something!

IMG_4902 IMG_4904

Want to follow my No Reference Project, just keep an eye out for the #noreferenceproject tag!