#Letsthemeup challenge – Week 2 – Bodies

This week the challenge is to draw bodies and I have been searching for inspiration. I think Anna Cattish is my favorite when it comes to character design and body-poses. So she was my inspiration in drawing my own bodies.

I’m trying out new styles to find something that suits me. I like these ones a lot!

FullSizeRender IMG_5398

#Letsthemeup challenge – Week 4 – Food

Since I’m a little bit too light weighted, drawing food is really helping ‘the feeling hungry’ process;)

I did some traditional paintings and some digital ones of food. I am really happy about the Ultimate Real Watercolor brush set for Photoshop I bought from Kyle T Webster. It is really amazing, it works like real watercolor but than digital, how awesome is that!
IMG_5109 copy


The lettuce and radish have been colored in with this new brush set. Looks nice, doesn’t it?! I’m still learning about these brushes and I have a lot more brushes to try out! More to come!

But since I love real watercolor as well, I made some traditional painting in my Midori Notebook.

IMG_5114FullSizeRender copy FullSizeRender-1

#Letsthemeup challenge – Week 3 – Hair

I’m a little late but I had a fun weekend away, so I had other things on my mind. I’ve bought a lot of different things again (I KNOW, I’M SORRY WALLET), but I will show you in a next post!

Last week it was time to sketch hair. And since I bought a secondhand Wacom Cintiq (you will see in the next post), I drawn them on the computer! I’m still trying to find my own style, but I can’t really decide as you can see;)

This week’s #letsthemeup challenge is food! Draw with me!

hair2 hair hair1