Review: Cresent Rendr no show thru paper

I’ve been really anxious about this new paper (that can’t be found in the Netherlands) because it happens to be a paper that doesn’t show thru on the other side. I saw this video of Love Tea Cup Kisses where she showed her Rendr sketchbook and I was SOLD!

I’ve been tossing and turning about whether to buy it or not but the shipping costs were INSANE. Finally I found something that was worth it and it was the only one left! I made a little ‘notebook’ out of it so that it was easier to handle.

Now I didn’t do any research or something, I just wanted it so badly and find out how this paper works. So here are my findings:

Ecoline: the colors are bright but it bleeds.img_6943-copy

(Liquitex) Black ink: isn’t as black as it gets on other paper and it bleeds when you use to much.
Steadtler Pigment Liners: Works great!

Staedtler Metallic Markers: Works great!

Pentel Color Brush (waterbase): Bleeds but is Ok. I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have to.
Copic Markers: On my opinion the colors do fade a little when you use it on the paperand it bleeds but the blending is great!

(Schmincke) Watercolors: A big no no. Colors are different and it gets a really ugly papergrain.

Ecoline brush pens: Awesome colors. Works great!

Other side of the paper:

I think that the conclusion is obvious: It only works with non watery media, which claims it does. But it does work with markers.
AND it really doesn’t show on the other side! Which is like OH MY GOD awesome! Want to try out yourself? You can ship it from America but if you really want to use watercolors, this is not the paper for you.

Questions? Hit me!

Adobe kuler + My Schmincke watercolor mixtones

Since Frannerd mentioned that she uses kuler from Adobe to find matching colors, I thought: Doh! That I didn’t thought of that myself! Thanks Frannerd!

I found this color scheme right away and was totally in love:

So I started mixing until I got the nearest way possible with my Schmincke watercolors. The colors are so pretty, they look like ice cream colors! ❤

I’ve put the mixed colors into the pill container so that I can use these (and mix more if they run out) when I want to!


Handmade midori-insert + color study

I’ve been looking for an affordable watercolor-insert which is also available in the Netherlands but I cannot find anything that suits my needs.That’s why I decided to make my own midori-insert. I’ve used the watercolor paper I’ve talked about previously and sewed the pages together. It worked out better than I thought, the only thing that’s not working out is the thickness of the paper. It’s really hard to put more folded papers in the insert. But it turned out pretty cool!
IMG_5480-1 IMG_5484-1 IMG_5487

I remember that I’ve had lessons in how colors work but I completely deleted it from my memory apparently. That’s why I NEEDED to make a color scheme of my colors and try to figure out what goes well with each other and what does not. I used the colors of my St. Petersburg White Nights-watercolor palet.

IMG_5496 IMG_54962 Schermafbeelding 2016-06-18 om 19.45.43

The digital colorschemes that I made are made with the info and images of Blender Guru.