#Humanfacesstudy no. 4

Yesterday I made my 3rd one of the #humanfacesstudy. This one is the 4th, I made these with the mix colors that I made earlyer.

Don’t you just love these colors?!
img_6748  img_6750

This was the original.


Painting decease

I’ve got the painting decease, since I’ve got my new Schmincke paints..

Because I am now using tubes, I have to be very gentle with my paint without spoiling anything. This is my love, so I’m not spoiling ANYTHING. Everything will be of good use. But I didn’t have a paint palet or at least not with 18 boxes to put my paints in without contaminating them.

So I went to the city but couldn’t find anything that was what I was looking for. And because it’s Sunday here, our local craftshop wasn’t open. But since I’m very craftful (if I say it myself) I found something BRILLIANT to use for my Schmincke tube paints. It’s actually a pill container and it works even better (and it’s cheaper). The best thing about it is that you can close the paints and it will stay wet! Whutttt!

The left painting is just for fun. The right is a #Humanfacesstudy.

It was a good day.. Yes.. A good day!

img_6726 img_6727-copy  img_6729 img_6731

#humanfacesstudy based on this image.

Schmincke Watercolor paints used: 215 Lemon yellow, 214 Chrome orange lf, 349 Cadmium red light, 353 Permanent carmine, 534 Permanent green olive, 481 Cerulean blue tone, 663 Sepia brown, 229 Naples yellow.

My favorite Schmincke watercolors by now are: 349 Cadmium red light, 533 Cobalt green dark, 649 Venetian red and 229 Naples yellow.
Oh p.s. I’ve also used Staedtler Metallic Markers.