Fruity Choco Apple Strudel

Inspired by charvillena’s slice of doodles series, I got hungry. This is a dutch Appelflap (like an apple strudel or apple turnover) with chocolate, made by heerlijkerwijs. Don’t you just want to dig in?

Check the recipe here.

And more of the painting here:


Red and blue

I’ve been filling up my weird pills-paint holders because they we’re running out. Luckily I have enough with my 5ml tubes to fill them up!

I like how these colors look together, don’t you?

Doorbell girl

I’ve always been too lazy to scan images but yes, I did it! Made some minor corrections in Photoshop. Oh and I’ve been practicing with my #stuckbetweenmyshadowsandme project again. I am getting better! This painting was made with Schmincke Watercolors (my favorite).

detail11 detail22 detail33 19111503