Review: Cresent Rendr no show thru paper

I’ve been really anxious about this new paper (that can’t be found in the Netherlands) because it happens to be a paper that doesn’t show thru on the other side. I saw this video of Love Tea Cup Kisses where she showed her Rendr sketchbook and I was SOLD!

I’ve been tossing and turning about whether to buy it or not but the shipping costs were INSANE. Finally I found something that was worth it and it was the only one left! I made a little ‘notebook’ out of it so that it was easier to handle.

Now I didn’t do any research or something, I just wanted it so badly and find out how this paper works. So here are my findings:

Ecoline: the colors are bright but it bleeds.img_6943-copy

(Liquitex) Black ink: isn’t as black as it gets on other paper and it bleeds when you use to much.
Steadtler Pigment Liners: Works great!

Staedtler Metallic Markers: Works great!

Pentel Color Brush (waterbase): Bleeds but is Ok. I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have to.
Copic Markers: On my opinion the colors do fade a little when you use it on the paperand it bleeds but the blending is great!

(Schmincke) Watercolors: A big no no. Colors are different and it gets a really ugly papergrain.

Ecoline brush pens: Awesome colors. Works great!

Other side of the paper:

I think that the conclusion is obvious: It only works with non watery media, which claims it does. But it does work with markers.
AND it really doesn’t show on the other side! Which is like OH MY GOD awesome! Want to try out yourself? You can ship it from America but if you really want to use watercolors, this is not the paper for you.

Questions? Hit me!

New stuff

Yesterday I bought extra Schmincke colors because we we’re in a really big art store and I couldn’t resist! And I had some money left from my birthday and bought some more stuff hihi. Art stores are making big money when I’m around..

I bought this:
– Ecoline Brush pens
– Liquitex inks in colors Carbon black, Phthalocyanine Green (Yellow shade), Phthalocyanine Green (Blue shade).
– Schmincke watercolors in colors 645 Indian red, 535 Cobalt green pure, 476 Mauve, 351 Ruby red, 478 Helio blue reddish and 366 Deep red.
– Schmincke Masking fluid
– Black brush pen on waterbase (don’t know the brand but it’s from Japan)

Unfortunately the Schmincke 478 and 366 we’re acting up weird. The 478 was dried out and the 366 was to watery/oily so I will get new ones. Hopefully really quick!


Real vs digital

Yesterday I posted this drawing on Instagram, I didn’t thought I needed to make a post about it. But I also tried out drawing with the computer so it’s a digital one as well. Thought, I’d share it anyway! At the real painting I was trying out my new markers with watercolors. And of course this is related to #findmyownstyle. How cool would it be if I look at this one year from now and I see that I’m progressing!

What do you think is prettier, and why?

Real painting:
FullSizeRender-7 copy
IMG_4930 copy

Digital painting:
digitaldrawingwhole digitaldrawing