Pretty woman

Did a traditional drawing with markers of a pretty woman. I’m actually pretty pleased by it! I just LOVE these colors! The colors that I used are:
E79: Cashew (I think my most favorite color brown)
N7: Neutral Gray no. 7 (Best gray of all!)
R24: Prawn (Usually I’m really picky about red, but this is really a beautiful one)
B32: Pale Blue (LOVE it)
R01: Pinkish Vanilla (A realistic skincolor)

Only thing I don’t like is the paper of my Midori sketchbook, it bleeds a lot. I think I need other paper!

IMG_5202 copy IMG_5201

Real vs digital

Yesterday I posted this drawing on Instagram, I didn’t thought I needed to make a post about it. But I also tried out drawing with the computer so it’s a digital one as well. Thought, I’d share it anyway! At the real painting I was trying out my new markers with watercolors. And of course this is related to #findmyownstyle. How cool would it be if I look at this one year from now and I see that I’m progressing!

What do you think is prettier, and why?

Real painting:
FullSizeRender-7 copy
IMG_4930 copy

Digital painting:
digitaldrawingwhole digitaldrawing

New toys

I’m spending money like I have a money-tree in my backyard. But no, i don’t. I have a really soft spot for everything in the art store. I know, I’m so weird, it’s like a disease. Being inspired by this video of Frannerd, I NEEDED to get me some markers. Well, I actually have some already but hey, there are better one’s out there! I really love everything that’s pastel, so I thought I’m going for it!

Also I’ve heard about a blend-marker, which is a transparant one that blends colors with eachother. That’s like the best thing that was invented in markerland (except for the markers than). So I bought that one too. Bought an elephant eraser, well just because I can. And I have been back and forth about Ecoline, but again Frannerd made the decision for me by using it on her outlines, which is super smart and pretty. So yeah, that happened too.

Sorry bankaccount, for wrecking the hell out of you! Loveyouuuu.


Weekly 5 challenge – Week 1

Normally I wouldn’t do this kind of stuff because well, I think somebody else can do it better. But that’s not the way of growing, so I’m just doing! So far, so good. I think I’m liking this new ‘just do’ way of thinking.

I always had difficulties with thinking up what I should draw. Now I just study things that I’m not really good at, that’s why I’m participating with challenges like my own #Letsthemeup challenge. This time I participated in the Weekly 5 challenge.

For inspiration I tried some body textures. I always think Alexis Ren is such a beautiful person, so that’s why she was my inspiration source for this weekly 5.

FullSizeRender-1 copy
Source Instagram.

What do you think?