Wednesday, I will be flying my ass down to New York! We will be staying there for 2 weeks. After that we will do a roadtrip with a Ford Mustang Cabrio through California. I can’t wait for this dreamjourney, that I’ve been having for about 7 years, is finally gonna happen!

I will share everything I draw and paint on this channel. Do you want to see the whole journey? Than follow my travel diaries and follow my Instagram @jazzminrisa as well.

*This journey is powered by my most loving grandpa and grandma!

Doorbell girl

I’ve always been too lazy to scan images but yes, I did it! Made some minor corrections in Photoshop. Oh and I’ve been practicing with my #stuckbetweenmyshadowsandme project again. I am getting better! This painting was made with Schmincke Watercolors (my favorite).

detail11 detail22 detail33 19111503

Lyrical Paintings

I’ve decided to do a series of lyrical paintings. I really enjoy listening to music but the most thing I like about it is finding that hidden sentence that makes it worth listening to.

I already did some before but not with the intention to make a series out of them. But I enjoy doing it so why not!

Here are the ones I already did. You’ll find out that I like various kinds of music!

Ruth B – Lost Boy

Jamie Lidell – Multiply

IMG_4818 copy

Tourist feat. Will Heard – I Can’t Keep Up


Oh and I did a speed painting of Louis Prima – Banana split

Keep listening. More coming soon. Be on the lookout and come back for more here.

Handmade midori-insert + color study

I’ve been looking for an affordable watercolor-insert which is also available in the Netherlands but I cannot find anything that suits my needs.That’s why I decided to make my own midori-insert. I’ve used the watercolor paper I’ve talked about previously and sewed the pages together. It worked out better than I thought, the only thing that’s not working out is the thickness of the paper. It’s really hard to put more folded papers in the insert. But it turned out pretty cool!
IMG_5480-1 IMG_5484-1 IMG_5487

I remember that I’ve had lessons in how colors work but I completely deleted it from my memory apparently. That’s why I NEEDED to make a color scheme of my colors and try to figure out what goes well with each other and what does not. I used the colors of my St. Petersburg White Nights-watercolor palet.

IMG_5496 IMG_54962 Schermafbeelding 2016-06-18 om 19.45.43

The digital colorschemes that I made are made with the info and images of Blender Guru.