Let’s be more productive!

Lately I suck at productivity. I’m really lazy and want to do nothing but chilling. But it’s time I got up and try to make a plan! What I really want to do in the next few weeks are:

  • keep up with the #letsthemeup challenge
  • make more human faces study drawings
  • do more no reference drawings
  • make drawings/paintings of my happy moments of the week/month?
  • study the folds of clothes and how to draw them
  • find a good inking color for my outlines
  • started to develop a new handwriting, I could use some practice
  • come up with a planning for what I want to draw digitally and do that more often
  • make a june-tracker and track everyday what I do and don’t do, think about drawing, painting, challenges, happy moments drawings, other studies, new techniques etc.
  • make a weekly planning for all the above

To sum it all up, I reeeeeeeeally need to draw more..

She shoots..

You know that feeling that everything seems to slip out of your hands? That you’re dreaming of a more productive and controlled life, but it’s just not working out for ya? I got that a lot. Today I made a list of goals, where I stop making excuses and JUST DO.

Lately I’m trying to be more self conscious about everything I do, without holding back. I’m trying to learn how to use the positive things I have when It’s not going well. Studies show that when you focus on your positives instead of working on your negatives, that’s what make people live longer and be happy. I’m reading books about it (in dutch).

M.E.P. Seligman is the founder of this theory and wrote a book about it. His book is called Authentic Happiness. (Gelukkig zijn kun je leren)
Sonja Lyubomirsky is a scientist and with the studies of Seligman, she wrote a book of her findings, with scientific proof. Her book is called The How of Happiness. (De maakbaarheid van geluk)

So without restraining myself, I’ve set up some goals.

And still counting..