Wednesday, I will be flying my ass down to New York! We will be staying there for 2 weeks. After that we will do a roadtrip with a Ford Mustang Cabrio through California. I can’t wait for this dreamjourney, that I’ve been having for about 7 years, is finally gonna happen!

I will share everything I draw and paint on this channel. Do you want to see the whole journey? Than follow my travel diaries and follow my Instagram @jazzminrisa as well.

*This journey is powered by my most loving grandpa and grandma!


I’ve been a little absent lately. It’s because I’m in the middle of taking a leap of faith and try to figure out what it is that makes me happy. Well, drawing and painting is something I really love to do but I need some help.

What I did was registering myself at Patreon. For the ones of you that don’t know what it is. Don’t worry, I didn’t either. It’s a network of artists that other people want to help by giving money to accomplish their dreams.

For me this is something I wanted to try because I could use some help to find my own style as I’m already trying to do with this blog. By having more time and the money, I can grow more and faster in finding my own style. By supporting me, you’re giving me a step up and I can dedicate more of my time to grow. Off course you get to see my drawings and progress first and you get to see me grow because of you!

Want to help me out? You are my saving angel.

Find my Patreon page here.

Change the world

You’ve ever had that feeling of waiting on the world to change? That you want to change the world and are here for a reason? For changing men’s perspective on things?
Well I am.

There is so much hate in the world, that sometimes I want to auto-correct humanity.

But, I KNOW that there are still ‘good’ people in the world, people that let everyone live their life as they want to without hurting anyone.  And sometimes I get very happy about the little things.

I can really get happy about..
..a little girl that cannot play with the other girls because they don’t like her. But than a boy says, you can play with me and they have lots of fun!
..when people get along even on moments of dispair
..when everybody has respect for one another, don’t matter the color, bodytype, haircolor, piercings, religion, tattoos or opinions.
..someone helps someone lonely
..when people find the beauty in others
..when there’s no black or white
..when helpless animals are being saved

Let’s not wait, and pay it forward. 

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives. Let’s live this life with respect for every breath on earth.

Who’s with me?

My craftsroom

A year ago, me and my boyfriend bought a ‘grown-up’ house! Off course I claimed the whole house and I was aloud to make a craftsroom all for myself! Yep, I could fill up another room as well with all my stuff.

It’s gorgeous and I’m even jealous for it myself. Everything is like I pictured, only in my original drawing there we’re shelfs and a chalkboard present. Those are not there yet but I think everything is great as it is (see the image below for the drawing). Offcourse I have a whole lot of spacing for other stuff in an open closet with boxes behind the camera but it’s a mess, so I want you to think that I’m super organized and stuff.

What do you think?

IMG_8962 copy IMG_8957 copy IMG_8956
IMG_8965 copy copy

Let’s be more productive!

Lately I suck at productivity. I’m really lazy and want to do nothing but chilling. But it’s time I got up and try to make a plan! What I really want to do in the next few weeks are:

  • keep up with the #letsthemeup challenge
  • make more human faces study drawings
  • do more no reference drawings
  • make drawings/paintings of my happy moments of the week/month?
  • study the folds of clothes and how to draw them
  • find a good inking color for my outlines
  • started to develop a new handwriting, I could use some practice
  • come up with a planning for what I want to draw digitally and do that more often
  • make a june-tracker and track everyday what I do and don’t do, think about drawing, painting, challenges, happy moments drawings, other studies, new techniques etc.
  • make a weekly planning for all the above

To sum it all up, I reeeeeeeeally need to draw more..