New Schmincke 2017 colors

As I previously shared on Instagram, I’ve got the new Schmincke 2017 colors and I’ve now colored them. They are beautiful! I already have favorites and maybe I want them in a tube (to make some half pans for in my palette)!

My favorites and why:

First of all, I absolutely love colors that don’t need a large amount of water so those colors are the first that I would pick. I also love greens a lot, I already have 5 greens in my palette and I don’t want to change them. I’m also a big fan of the 366 Deep Red (that I already have), I don’t like pinks or whatever that much but this color is red and pink together. It’s just way to pretty. So when I see a color that comes close to that, I want to have it haha.

First color that gets my attention is the 205 Rutile Yellow, I love the softness of the color. It looks a little like the 229 naples yellow but than much lighter and less orange.

Second color for me is 346 Ruby Red Deep and that’s because it comes close to the 366 only a little vibrant and lighter. LOVE IT! Same goes for my third, the 362 Bordeaux which is so pretty!

Fourth color and this is weird because as I said, I like colors that don’t need a lot water. The 370 Potter’s Pink. This one does need a lot of water to lift the color but it’s a very nice color. It looks like a light old pink, it’s lovely.

The fifth color is next to it. 371 Perylene Violet. I mean come on, look at it!

The sixth must really be the 784 Perylene Green, which is such a nice color of grey and dark green.

And I was really surpised about my seventh color, the 788 Graphite Grey because normally I don’t think grey is a surprising color but this one is really pretty!

And for those of you who love bright and neon pink, you should get the 920 Brilliant Opera Rose. It’s not my cup of tea but it sure is a very nice bright color!

What do you think are the prettiest ones?

P.s. Please note that the colors you see on the screen can be different from the real colors. So if you decide to pick colors for your own, first get a dot card yourself and try them out!

Red and blue

I’ve been filling up my weird pills-paint holders because they we’re running out. Luckily I have enough with my 5ml tubes to fill them up!

I like how these colors look together, don’t you?

Doorbell girl

I’ve always been too lazy to scan images but yes, I did it! Made some minor corrections in Photoshop. Oh and I’ve been practicing with my #stuckbetweenmyshadowsandme project again. I am getting better! This painting was made with Schmincke Watercolors (my favorite).

detail11 detail22 detail33 19111503

Finally no jitter issues anymore + new digital drawing!

I have had troubles with jitter lines when I was using my Wacom Cintiq Tablet. Since then I didn’t use it very well because I really hate squiggly lines. But after I made a really cute drawing on paper I really NEEDED to make it digital. So I started searching again for fixing the issue. And I found it! After trying out all the driver versions on the Wacom website, it didn’t work. Only the link with version 6.3.17 worked.

First, read this post. And instead of the version she says you should be installing, install this.
Also, use the tip from this post and turn double click distance off.

AND I’M SO HAPPY! It looks so pretty and everything worked! I also tried out the new drawing program Krita for the lining and I really adore it! The coloring is done in Photoshop with Kyle’s Ultimate Real Watercolors Tool Preset which you can buy here. I am still in search of the best photoshop outlines that run smoothly. So if you have any tips, do tell!


What do you think?!

In detail:
detail2 detail3 detail1